Whether it is a single project, conference support or a longer term relationship, our consultants pride themselves on understanding and working with their clients, providing meaningful analysis and helping them meet their business objectives.Through an independent, objective point of view, we have advised many aviation clients in some of the field’s most complex projects.

Our services are designed to fulfil the requirements of executives, strategic planners, market researchers, government officials and any one else that needs to be kept abreast of the latest trends and opportunities in the international aviation business.

Our global expertise are as follows :

  • Operational advisory and traffic forecasting
  • Airline advisory services
  • Airport planning and development strategies
  • Operational concept, critical systems and IT
  • Design and capital delivery
  • Project and programme management
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Asset management, operations and maintenance

Starting an airline, or entering a new market with an existing airline, requires detailed business planning. Airline analysis and feasibility studies, to validate the initial thinking, are a proven way to put commercial rigor into often emotive thinking on what appears to be an exciting business opportunity. For some of our clients the outcome is not proceeding with the opportunity, however for most the feasibility study proves the concept and a full Business Plan is then developed.

Our team are highly experienced in airline analysis and begin with a macroeconomic and competitive analysis, which both looks at the key market drivers and sizes the potential opportunity. In the case of a new airline, we then develop and evaluate a series of alternative business models and focus on their likely success in various market scenarios. A preferred option is then developed in more detail. Some airlines models may not work in certain markets or competitive landscapes and this becomes key to the final preferred option and detailed airline analysis. In the case of airlines expanding to new markets, many of the considerations are the same although they are often dealt with at a relatively micro level of two or three route options.

GEAVIA is able to fast track airline feasibility studies, as we have a solid base understanding of all aviation markets including emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We give an honest view of the likelihood of success for a potential airline investor or an airline executive considering market expansion alternatives.